Jimmy  Lytle - Player Profile      



FULL NAME:   Jimmy  Lytle
HEIGHT:   5' 10
WEIGHT:   160
BIRTH DATE:   1986
HOMETOWN:   Ocean Ridge, FL
RESIDENCE:   Ocean Ridge, FL
Minor League Tour Earnings
Career Earnings: $188,272.29
Golf Career Highlights
2003 US Junior Qualifier, 2004 US Amateur Qualifer, Shot 64 Pine Tree

Other Information

Best Minor League Tour Finishes






672/4/2016February Osprey Classic 3 $550.00
722/1/20162016 Major I at TPC Eagle TraceT14 $374.00
146 (73-73)1/25/2016PGA January 2-Day T19 $105.00
681/21/2016Lake Worth ClassicT5 $395.00
711/20/2016Abacoa January OpenT18 $130.72
140 (71-69)1/18/2016PGA Estates 2-Day T5 $1,075.00
671/14/2016Palm City Classic T8 $267.50
711/12/2016Fountains Winter Shootout T14 $88.75
701/11/2016TPC Winter Shootout 2 $650.00
6812/17/201510th Annual Holiday Team Championship $0.00
7212/16/2015Stuart December Shootout T8 $153.34
137 (70-67)12/2/20152015 Tour ChampionshipT7 $1,137.50
7111/30/2015PGA Estates OpenT5 $330.00
7411/24/2015Broward Turkey Classic T5 $46.00
7111/23/2015Palm Beach Fall ClassicT2 $437.50
6911/19/ Open T5 $245.00
7111/18/2015Fall Broward Shootout 2 $575.00
7211/16/2015Inverrary East Classic4 $210.00
6811/12/2015Lake Worth OpenT7 $212.50
8410/26/201527 Hole Par-3 Individual Stroke Play $0.00
7310/21/2015WPB October Shootout $0.00
7410/19/2015North Palm Beach OpenT4 $140.00
7210/15/2015WPB Ironhorse ClassicT7 $105.00
7110/12/2015Inverrary East Shootout 2 $275.00
7510/1/2015Q-School Tune Up II Breakers $0.00
699/28/2015WPB Classic T3 $258.75
699/23/2015North Palm Beach Classic T4 $365.00
729/21/2015Jacaranda West Shootout T5 $150.00
709/14/2015Hollybrook OpenT3 $200.00
719/10/2015Q-School Tune Up BreakersT8 $197.50
729/8/2015Jupiter September Shootout T9 $36.67
142 (72-70)9/2/2015Inverrary 2-Day T2 $550.00
658/26/2015Stuart August Open 2 $500.00
153 (79-74)8/17/20153-Day West Palm Beach GC $0.00
698/13/2015NPB Classic 7 $150.00
748/10/2015Boynton Beach Summer Classic T8 $23.25
708/6/2015Abacoa 1-Day6 $100.00
147 (72-75)8/4/20153-Day Abacoa $0.00
202 (68-67-67)7/29/20153-Day Hollybrook 1 $1,000.00
756/25/2015The Wanderers Open $0.00
726/23/2015Atlantis Classic T5 $102.50
217 (70-74-73)6/15/20153-Day Jacaranda West6 $500.00
676/11/2015Hollybrook June ShootoutT2 $405.00
696/4/2015Abacoa June ShootoutT5 $260.00
736/2/2015Winston Trails Summer Classic T10 $45.00
149 (73-76)5/27/2015Martin County Open 2-Day $0.00
755/21/2015The Falls Spring ClassicT6 $126.67
745/11/2015Jacaranda May OpenT6 $20.00
685/7/2015Jupiter May ShootoutT4 $217.15
665/4/2015May Open2 $340.00
694/30/2015Champions Club Classic1 $540.00
694/29/2015West Palm Beach Open T4 $245.00
704/27/2015Inverrary East ClassicT2 $412.50
694/15/2015Jacaranda Tax Day ShootoutT6 $195.00
734/13/2015Masters Monday Hammock Creek Classic5 $225.00
714/9/2015April Fountains OpenT11 $185.00
674/7/2015Ocean Breeze Shootout1 $700.00
664/6/2015Justin Fonseca Memorial Tournament1 $750.00
714/2/2015Stuart April Open T5 $222.86
734/1/2015Atlantis April ClassicT15 $32.67
713/31/2015Evergreen March Classic3 $350.00
753/18/2015WPB March Shootout $0.00
763/17/2015Stuart St Patricks Day Open $0.00
723/12/2015Winston Trails ClassicT9 $115.00
693/11/2015Jupiter March ClassicT5 $437.50
673/9/2015March TPC Shootout 2 $600.00
743/5/2015Martin Downs March Shootout $0.00
723/4/2015Jacaranda March OpenT9 $146.67
693/2/2015Fountains March Classic T4 $325.00
762/27/2015Champions Club Shootout $0.00
672/25/2015Palm Beach February Shootout1 $1,000.00*Won on 1st playoff hole
682/23/2015Parkland Winter Classic2 $550.00
712/19/2015Palm Beach February Classic T2 $425.00
722/18/2015Jacaranda Shootout T5 $175.00
772/16/2015Eagle Trace Classic $0.00
722/14/2015Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up - Fountains N T13 $145.72
752/12/2015Stuart February Classic $0.00
702/11/2015Jupiter Winter Shootout T12 $287.50
742/10/2015Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up - Madison GreenT11 $190.00
137 (69-68)2/2/20152015 Major 1 - CCCS Open12 $850.00
721/29/2015Martin Downs OpenT8 $163.00
731/27/2015Winston Trails Open T10 $108.75
711/26/2015Broward Winter Open T2 $475.00
691/22/2015Ft. Lauderdale January Open2 $500.00
751/21/2015January WPB Classic $0.00
741/19/2015Lake Worth Winter ShootoutT19 $65.00
671/15/2015Martin County OpenT2 $575.00
711/14/2015Abacoa Winter ClassicT8 $266.25
721/12/20152015 Kickoff at TPCT2 $537.50
7012/16/2014Par-3 Team TrilogyT5 $128.75
7012/15/2014West Palm Beach OpenT6 $266.67
7012/11/2014Martin Downs ClassicT4 $234.00
7012/9/2014December Fountains ShootoutT3 $412.50
7412/8/2014Winter TPC OpenT6 $180.00
144 (71-73)12/3/20142014 Tour ChampionshipT22 $240.00
7311/24/2014Palm Beach Fall ClassicT12 $70.00
7011/20/2014Fountains November ClassicT4 $275.00
7211/18/2014Winston Trails ClassicT3 $150.00
6811/17/2014Broward TPC Classic1 $570.00
6611/13/2014Stuart Fall ClassicT3 $420.00
146 (76-70)11/10/2014Fountains November 2-Day $0.00
7011/6/2014Atlantis Fall ClassicT5 $162.67
7411/4/2014Abacoa November Open T10 $111.67
7211/3/2014TPC November Classic T2 $350.00
132 (67-65)10/29/2014Lake Worth Fall 2-Day Classic1 $1,800.00
7210/16/2014Martin Downs October Classic3 $200.00
5710/15/2014PGA Estate ShootoutT3 $390.00
6810/13/2014The President WPB Open 1 $510.00
6910/9/2014Jupiter Fall Classic T5 $252.50
769/29/2014Broward September Open $0.00
749/22/2014Boynton Beach Classic T10 $13.34
699/18/2014Lake Worth OpenT6 $160.00
719/15/2014Abacoa September ShootoutT11 $33.00
729/11/2014The Falls Fall ClassicT10 $25.00
749/8/2014Jupiter Open $0.00
699/3/2014WPB September Shootout4$250.00
688/28/2014WEB.COM Q-School Tune Up2 $500.00
738/25/2014Jupiter CC Open $0.00
678/21/2014Stuart Summer Shootout1 $600.00
728/18/2014Indian Spring OpenT4 $82.00
728/14/2014North Palm Beach Open $0.00
708/11/2014WPB Summer ClassicT3 $250.00
139 (68-71)8/5/2014Low Cost August 2-DayT6 $145.00
687/24/2014Lake Worth Shootout2 $500.00
707/22/2014Jupiter Summer ShootoutT3 $303.34
687/17/ OpenT2 $400.00
140 (71-69)7/14/2014PGA Fazio 2-Day Major 3T5 $850.00
697/7/2014Jupiter July ClassicT2 $361.25
716/5/2014Winston Trails OpenT4$191.67
686/4/2014Jacaranda June Shootout3$350.00
736/2/2014The Falls Open6$100.00
145 (72-73)5/21/2014Indian Spring 2-DayT5$223.34
755/19/2014Jacaranda May ClassicT6$50.00
695/15/2014Abacoa May OpenT3$350.00
745/13/2014Abacoa May ShootoutT7$48.00
725/12/2014TPC May Top Heavy ClassicT2$370.00
146 (72-74)5/12/2014Cumulative 2-Day2$425.00
705/8/2014The Falls Top Heavy Classic3$650.00
674/28/2014WPB April Classic1$800.00
644/24/2014Martin Downs April Classic2$650.00
704/23/2014Broward ShootoutT4$271.67
704/21/2014TPC April ClassicT2$512.50
147 (76-71)4/16/2014Abacoa 2-Day Major $0.00
753/31/2014TPC Spring ShootoutT12$54.17
693/27/2014Stuart March OpenT4$400.00
683/25/2014Palm Beach Classic2$500.00
663/24/2014WPB Spring OpenT2$508.34
693/20/2014March Madness OpenT2$415.00
683/18/2014Jupiter March OpenT3$537.50
703/17/2014St. Patricks Day ShootoutT3$490.00
763/13/2014Champions Club ClassicT14$97.34
693/11/2014Lake Worth March OpenT4$262.22
663/10/2014Country Club of Coral Springs Shootout1$800.00* birdied first playoff hole
673/6/2014Jacaranda West Classic2$525.00
683/4/2014Lake Worth February ClassicT4$341.67
733/3/2014Hammock Creek ShootoutT2$550.00
662/27/2014Martin County ClassicT2$717.50
782/24/2014TPC February Classic $0.00
NC2/21/2014Champions Club Open $0.00
802/18/2014Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up - Madison $0.00
702/17/2014PGA Estates OpenT11$264.17
712/15/2014Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up - Fountains NT15$155.55
682/12/2014Jupiter February ClassicT4$700.00
692/10/2014TPC February OpenT2$625.00
211 (74-66-71)2/4/2014Country Club of Coral Springs Open29$240.00
701/29/2014WPB January OpenT9$250.00
731/27/2014TPC Winter ShootoutT7$312.50
711/21/2014Winston Trails ClassicT11$101.67
691/20/2014President CC ClassicT2$500.00
771/16/2014Stuart January Shootout $0.00
741/15/2014PGA Champion Open $0.00
681/13/2014TPC January ClassicT3$512.50
731/9/2014Fountains January ClassicT9$117.50
741/7/20142014 Season KickoffT13$150.00
6512/19/20138th Annual Holiday Team Championship $0.00
7012/17/2013Ironhorse December ClassicT2$641.67
7312/16/2013TPC December ClassicT8$305.00
140 (69-71)12/11/20132013 Tour Championship (Major 5)T10$940.00
7212/9/2013Ft. Lauderdale Winter ClassicT8 $287.50
148 (75-73)12/2/2013PGA Estates December 2-Day $0.00
7411/18/2013Fall Broward ClassicT17$23.86
140 (69-71)11/11/2013November 2-DayT11 $200.00
6911/6/2013West Palm Beach OpenT5$233.34
7410/29/2013PGA National Fazio Classic $0.00
7310/24/2013Martin Downs Open $0.00
7110/22/2013PGA Palmer OpenT10$88.75
7010/21/2013Jupiter ClassicT11$87.50
749/30/2013Jupiter Fall Classic $0.00
140 (68-72)9/25/20132013 Major 4T8$700.00
759/23/2013Mayacoo Fall Classic $0.00
709/18/2013Palm Beach ShootoutT8$155.00
719/9/2013Jupiter OpenT18$0.00
709/5/2013Lake Worth ClassicT11$120.00
738/29/2013Breakers August ClassicT13$0.00
738/26/2013The Wanderers OpenT9$0.00
708/22/2013Bear Lakes Links Top Heavy ShootoutT4$512.50
718/21/2013North Palm Beach ShootoutT5$187.50
698/19/2013Abacoa August ClassicT3$506.25
698/16/2013Friday PGA ShootoutT5$165.63
138 (70-68)8/12/2013Palm Beach 2-DayT3$742.50
748/9/2013Martin Downs ShootoutT10$17.50
708/7/2013PGA Palmer Shootout1$725.00
678/6/2013PGA Estates Classic2$650.00
687/18/2013NPB Classic1$625.00
+3 (75-13)7/16/2013PGA National Champ 2-DayT19$0.00
144 (76-68)7/11/20132013 Major 3T18 $0.00* won Shootout $126
747/8/2013Jupiter July OpenT13$0.00
706/3/2013Boynton Beach ClassicT5 $126.25
765/17/2013WPB May ClassicT14$0.00
725/13/2013Fountains ShootoutT11$0.00
725/10/2013The Falls ClassicT9$50.00
695/8/2013Keep Palm Beach Beautiful OpenT3$433.00
725/6/2013Broward May ClassicT5$90.00
715/3/2013The Legacy US OPEN TUNE UP3$300.00
734/30/2013Wanderers US OPEN TUNE UP5$350.00
714/18/2013Martin Downs April ClassicT14$0.00
783/29/2013Stuart ShootoutT20$0.00
145 (76-69)3/25/2013PGA Estates 2-DayT19$165.00
713/21/2013March Madness OpenT7$213.00
NC3/19/2013Ironhorse March ChallengeT31$0.00
713/18/2013Stuart March Classic1 $1,000.00* won on first playoff hole
703/14/2013Royal Palm Classic2$525.00
723/12/2013March Abacoa ShootoutT7$205.42
743/6/2013March WPB ShootoutT15$71.50
763/4/2013TPC March ShootoutT4$195.60
144 (74-70)2/28/20132013 Major 1T24$185.00
692/22/2013Martin Downs ClassicT4$303.75
722/19/2013Madison Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune-upT13$205.00
702/13/2013Jupiter Winter ShootoutT10$238.57
652/11/2013Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up2$750.00
672/6/2013Palm Beach ClassicT2$662.50
772/4/2013TPC Winter ClassicT26$0.00
145 (75-70)1/31/2013Jan-Feb 2-DayT4$1,050.00* T1 Second Day $130
701/28/2013Hammock Creek ClassicT6$235.00
771/14/2013TPC January Shootout T31$0.00
761/10/2013Fountains January ShootoutT27 $0.00
711/9/2013January Jupiter ClassicT6$283.13
7412/20/2012Par-3 Team Trilogy 9$0.00
141 (70-71) 12/18/2012GOLFslinger Tour ChampionshipT10 $1,060.72
7012/10/2012Atlantis December Open8$235.00
76 12/6/2012Ironhorse December ShootoutT32 $0.00
6812/3/2012Fountains December Classic1$1,000.00
7011/28/2012West Palm Beach ShootoutT8$145.84
7011/26/2012West Palm Beach ClassicT2$430.00
7510/15/2012October Jupiter ClassicT12$22.34
719/26/2012Quail Ridge Fall ClassicT10$84.00
749/11/2012PGA Champ Sept ShootoutT10$116.25
699/10/2012Indian Spring Classic2$520.00
699/6/2012NPB September OpenT2$425.00
135 (65-70)9/4/2012September 2-DayT2$850.00
718/29/2012Jacarada August ShootoutT9$77.50
708/20/2012Jupiter ShootoutT6$204.17
718/16/2012PGA Champ Summer Shootout5$350.00
728/7/2012NPB August ShootoutT13$77.50
738/1/2012Breakers Summer ClassicT10$95.00
647/30/2012Quail Ridge Classic1$1,000.00
139 (73-66)7/26/20122-Day WPB OpenT6$633.34
695/24/2012Madison Green May ClassicT4$269.00
755/21/2012PGA Champ May ShootoutT24$72.15
685/9/2012Abaco May OpenT2$630.00
795/1/2012Bear Lakes US OPEN Tune UpT20$25.63
DQ4/11/2012WPB April 2-DayT38$0.00
724/9/2012TPC April ShootoutT5$251.67
694/5/2012April Lake Worth Open6$300.00
684/3/2012Abaco April OpenT3$525.00
724/2/2012Winston Trails April ShootoutT13$72.00
753/26/2012Ft. Lauderdale ClassicT20$33.50
683/22/2012March Madison Shootout1$1,000.00
683/20/2012March Abacoa Shootout2$600.00
733/19/2012March Madness OpenT15$81.43
753/15/2012Binks Forest March ClassicT12$86.84
682/16/2012Honday Pre-Qualifier Tune-upT8$350.00
692/14/2012Valentines Day ShootoutT7$317.00
702/9/2012Boca Raton ClassicT3$384.00
702/8/2012Jupiter February ClassicT15$163.00
672/7/2012Winston Trails Classic1$1,000.00
138 (70-68)2/1/2012Broward Winter 2-Day2$1,500.00
701/30/2012Binks ShootoutT2$516.67
741/23/2012TPC January ShootoutT15$178.00
681/19/2012Winter Classic4$550.00
711/16/2012Palm City ClassicT8$195.00
135 (67-68)1/11/20122-Day Winter Classic2$1,460.00
681/9/2012Ironhorse January ClassicT3$466.67
721/6/20122012 Season KickoffT2$342.50
7012/19/2011Zoneout Holiday ShootoutT9$190.00
214 (72-71-71)11/9/2011Sunshine State Classic T16$290.00
6911/3/2011Ocean Breeze OpenT3$315.00
7110/20/2011West Palm Beach Fall ClassicT12$81.00
145 (73-72)10/5/2011Tropical Smoothie 2-DayT16$145.00
6910/4/2011October Ironhorse ClassicT3$462.50
699/26/2011North Palm Beach ClassicT3$437.50
709/22/2011Estates Fall ClassicT14$81.50
142 (69-73)9/8/2011Miccosukee 2-DayT6$300.00
689/6/2011Jupiter September ShootoutT2$562.50
141 (68-73)8/31/2011Zoneout 2-Day Q-School Tune UpT7$605.00
668/29/2011The Wanderers Classic1$800.00
688/22/2011PGA National Squire ShootoutT6$270.00
688/4/2011NPB OpenT3$350.00
698/3/2011Palm City ClassicT3$312.50
688/2/2011President Summer Classic4$375.00
136 (68-68)7/28/2011Mid-Summer 2-Day2$1,275.00
145 (77-68)7/25/2011July 2-DayT10$193.75
281 (77-68-68-68)7/25/20114-Day July 25-26 & 28-293$200.00
697/21/2011Broward Grip Shield ClassicT5$242.86
707/20/2011Martin County ShootoutT4$245.00
687/18/2011Jupiter Summer Classic1$700.00* birdied first playoff hole
697/14/2011Ironhorse Summer ClassicT4$297.50
687/12/2011PGA Estates Summer ShootoutT10$110.00
697/11/2011Q-School Contest 5 Kick-Off3$500.00
144 (70-74)6/14/2011June 2-DayT14$0.00
706/9/2011Miccosukee ShootoutT2$450.00
815/16/201127 Hole Par-3 IndividualT5$125.00 E even par
695/10/2011Abaco May OpenT2$458.34
784/29/2011Treasure Coast ClassicT11$32.00
142 (71-71)4/26/2011Abacoa 2-DayT4$791.67
674/25/2011April Broward Shootout2$550.00
704/7/2011Lake Worth ClassicT13$159.40
733/31/2011West Palm Beach ClassicT4$350.00
643/29/2011Coastal Performance Abacoa Classic1$950.00
723/11/2011Woodmont ClassicT5$251.43
733/9/2011Binks Forest ClassicT11$200.00
713/7/2011Abacoa March ShootoutT10$248.75
683/4/2011March RPB Classic1$975.00
DNF2/28/2011Port St. Lucie ShootoutT46$0.00
140 (65-75)2/22/2011Fuzion 2-Day MajorT6$1,025.00
702/21/2011TPC February ShootoutT5$373.34
702/17/2011February WPB OpenT10$225.00
732/16/2011February Madison Green OpenT14$177.50
702/14/2011Sweetheart ShootoutT7$280.00
213 (70-73-70)2/14/2011Cumulative 3-DayT3$100.00
482/10/2011Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune-upT22$100.00
143 (70-73)2/7/2011February 2-DayT3$1,125.00
662/4/2011Broward Febuary Shooout1$1,000.00* birdied first playoff hole
752/3/2011Martin County ClassicT29$33.00
146 (77-69)1/31/2011January 2-Day15$230.00
681/27/2011President Winter ClassicT2$533.34
751/25/2011PGA Haig ClassicT10$202.50
671/24/2011TPC Eagle Trace Classic3$550.00
671/21/2011Madison Green Winter ShootoutT3$537.50
701/18/2011Jupiter Winter ClassicT5$342.86
701/17/2011Q-School Contest 1 Kick-OffT1$775.00* co-champions
751/13/2011Evergreen January ShootoutT11$170.00
701/10/2011Broward Winter Classic5$425.00
711/7/2011Coastal Performance ClassicT6$275.00
6312/17/2010Holiday Team ChampionshipT4$318.75 of the $637.50 Team Prize
148 (76-72)12/14/20102010 Tour ChampionshipT21$177.50
6612/13/2010'59' Challenge II $1,000 BonusT3$381.25
6712/9/2010Coastal Performance Winter ClassicT2$562.50
6812/8/2010Madison Green December Classic3$400.00
7312/6/2010Par 3 Team TrilogyT9$118.75 of $237.50 Team Prize
6912/2/2010December Classic1$850.00
7211/30/2010Palm Beach OpenT10$161.67
6611/29/2010Fall Foutains Open1$800.00* won on first playoff hole
Match 111/10/20102010 Match Play ChampionshipT17$150.00
7011/8/2010Match Play ShootoutT3$279.00
7011/5/2010Port St. Lucie ClassicT2$515.00
7111/3/2010President OpenT7$178.00
6911/1/2010NPB Shootout2$550.00
7210/20/2010October OpenT17$77.50
6810/18/2010Fuzion Golf Shootout3$475.00
7010/12/2010Tuesday One-DayT7$200.00
6910/7/2010North Palm Beach ClassicT2$525.00
7310/6/2010West Palm Beach OpenT8$114.38
6910/4/2010Emerald Hills Classic1$800.00
699/30/2010Abacoa ShootoutT4$337.50
729/22/2010River Club ShootoutT3$316.67
729/20/2010South Florida Fall ClassicT4$258.34
139 (72-67)9/15/2010Grip Shield September 2-Day5$650.00
709/13/2010September Foutains ShootoutT10$99.00
649/2/2010The President Classic3$450.00
699/1/2010Breakers ShootoutT2$550.00
678/30/2010August Broward Classic1$600.00 won on second playoff hole
204 (66-73-65)8/27/2010Sunshine State Classic2$3,000.00
718/23/2010Fuzion Golf ClassicT7$247.50
668/11/2010Madison Green Open2$475.00
718/10/2010Palm Beach ClassicT10$101.67
688/2/2010Hammock Creek ShootoutT7$185.00
677/28/2010The Wanderers OpenT2$443.75
136 (65-71)7/26/2010July 2-Day8$500.00
667/12/2010Q-School Contest 5 Kick-offT2$583.34
676/14/2010Martin County Classic2$375.00* missed playoff to catch plane
646/10/2010Lake Worth Classic1$775.00
686/8/2010Jupiter June ClassicT2$475.00
686/7/2010June Haig ClassicT2$450.00
655/20/2010Royal Palm Beach Open1$555.00* back-to-back wins
655/19/2010West Palm Beach Open1$500.00* set new course record
705/17/2010Fuzion Golf OpenT2$487.50
695/3/2010Madison Green ClassicT2$433.34
674/29/2010Q-School Contest FinaleT2$500.00
140 (69-71)4/26/2010April 2-DayT8$390.00
704/22/2010US Open Tune-up12$190.00
694/20/2010April TPC Shootout3$450.00
704/19/2010Santa Lucia ShootoutT2$400.00
674/17/2010Saturday ShootoutT2$500.00
744/14/2010Royal Palm ClassicT14$118.13
724/12/2010Jupiter Spring ClassicT16$126.43
754/8/2010The Eagle ClassicT31$8.00
694/7/2010Hammock Spring ClassicT15$122.50
694/5/2010April Ocean Breeze ClassicT6$343.75
704/1/2010Lake Worth ShootoutT14$210.00
743/30/2010Jupiter March OpenT22$87.00
142 (72-70)3/9/2010Abacoa 2-DayT4$808.34
713/8/2010TPC Eagle Trace ShootoutT2$540.00
713/4/2010Fountains Spring ClassicT11$261.00
703/1/2010Abacoa March Classic3$550.00
742/9/2010PGA Haig ClassicT13$183.13
712/8/2010Ocean Breeze Feb ClassicT13$101.50
662/1/2010PGA Haig Shootout #12$525.00* 17 Holes
200 (70-64-66)1/29/2010January Series #3 of 32$3,300.00
711/25/2010Broward Classic3$525.00
142 (70-72)1/20/2010January Series #2 of 3T12$768.75
681/18/2010Abacoa January Open3$500.00
144 (74-70)1/12/2010January Series #1 of 3T8$945.00
141 (69-72)12/15/20092009 MLGT Tour Championship8$1,050.00
7212/2/2009Hammock Creek December OpenT13$154.00
6911/30/2009Wholesale ClassicT3$475.00
Match 411/9/20092009 Match Play ChampionshipT3$1,000.00
6711/5/2009November ClassicT2$575.00
6911/3/2009Royal Palm OpenT4$315.00
7011/2/2009November Shootout6$325.00
6910/30/2009Ocean Breeze ShootoutT3$487.50
6710/13/2009Golfsmith Fall Classic1$950.00
6910/7/2009Jupiter Fall ClassicT7$302.50
7410/5/2009Madison Green ClassicT7$121.67
6810/2/2009October NPB Open1$700.00
6710/1/ Shootout3$425.00
649/30/2009Fall Broward Open1$750.00
709/28/2009Quail Ridge ClassicT5$238.75
649/25/2009Boca Raton Classic1$600.00
689/23/2009September North Palm ClassicT2$450.00
719/22/2009QUEST Links ShootoutT7$305.00
729/21/2009September ShootoutT7$144.17
719/17/2009The Falls ShootoutT5$203.57
719/14/2009Fountains Fall Classic13$65.00
709/11/2009Miami East Course Shootout4$325.00
133 (64-69)9/9/2009Q-School Tune Up1$2,000.00
739/8/2009Lakes ShootoutT17$91.67
709/4/2009Champions Club ClassicT7$186.67
136 (67-69)8/27/2009Quail Ridge 2-DayT3$1,025.00
213 (70-69-74)8/19/2009The Sunshine State ClassicT8$975.00
678/10/2009The QUEST WPSS Shootout1$1,150.00
130 (68-62)8/6/2009Fountains 2-Day1$1,500.00* set course record
698/5/2009Breakers Rees Jones ClassicT4$337.50
728/4/2009Miami August ClassicT4$253.34
677/30/2009The Falls Summer ClassicT3$329.17
677/28/2009River Club Classic1$650.00
707/27/2009Quail Ridge ShootoutT5$235.00
677/23/2009Jupiter Summer Classic1$850.00
139 (71-68)7/20/2009Summer 2-Day4$800.00
727/14/2009Summer ShootoutT9$105.00
697/13/2009July ClassicT4$325.00
716/19/2009Boca Raton ClassicT15$72.29
726/16/2009Jupiter ClassicT20$65.00
696/15/2009June Basic Golf Open4$400.00
134 (70-64)6/10/2009Protogolf Open2$1,100.00
696/9/2009Broward ClassicT5$258.34
706/8/2009The Falls OpenT2$502.50
676/1/2009One Yellow Spot NPB Classic2$450.00
695/18/2009May Boca Raton ClassicT5$208.34
735/14/2009Woodmont ClassicT12$68.34
675/11/2009May Abaoca Classic1$750.00* won on second playoff hole
745/5/2009US Open WarmupT8$172.50
685/4/2009May ClassicT5$260.00
744/21/2009Miami ShoooutT8$88.75
734/9/2009Fountains DBS ShootoutT19$65.00
142 (70-72)3/27/2009Basic Golf 2-Day ChallengeT10$330.00
693/24/2009March Cypress Open1$600.00
723/23/2009Basic Golf Shootout8$240.00
723/17/2009St. Patrick's Day ClassicT4$325.00
683/16/2009March DBS OpenT4$341.00
693/11/2009Country Club of Miami OpenT2$400.00
733/10/2009March Madness OpenT26$9.00
703/5/2009March Fountains OpenT3$450.00
723/4/2009Hammock Creek ShootoutT5$243.00
146 (75-71)2/25/2009DBS 2-DayT13$220.00
742/24/2009Indian Spring OpenT11$90.00
742/18/2009Madison Green ClassicT19$79.30
692/12/2009Fountains Winter ClassicT4$383.34
138 (69-69)1/26/2009Basic Golf 2-DayT3$1,000.00
701/15/2009Fountains ClassicT7$262.50
135 (67-68)12/15/20082008 MLGT Tour Championship1$2,500.00
7412/11/2008Broward ClassicT12$95.84
6812/8/2008December Basic Golf Shootout2$550.00
6912/1/2008Motion Golf OpenT3$306.67
Match 511/17/2008$10,000 Match Play Championship1$2,500.00* 19 Holes, 1 Up
7011/13/2008Basic Golf November OpenT9$220.00
6911/10/2008Fuddruckers November ClassicT2$450.00
6811/6/2008November Abacoa Classic5$350.00
7211/3/2008Fountains Fall ClassicT8$145.00
7310/21/2008October Abacoa OpenT17$58.00
6710/14/2008Basic Golf Challenge2$500.00
6710/8/2008October Fuddruckers ShootoutT2$400.00
7110/7/2008Ocean Breeze Fall ClassicT10$78.75
7010/3/2008Estates Fall ClassicT8$115.63
6810/1/2008October DBS ShootoutT2$350.00
719/29/2008Jupiter ShootoutT6$143.75
222 (75-73-74)9/15/ Q-School Tune UpT10$275.00
759/8/2008September Palm Beach ShootoutT11$60.00
729/5/2008NPB ClassicT2$362.50
729/4/2008Breakers West Basic Golf OpenT6$237.50
215(70-71-74)8/25/2008Summer Series Event 3 of 3T7$350.00
208 (64-73-71)8/12/2008Summer Series Event 2 of 3T10$825.00
728/6/2008August DBS OpenT9$115.00
678/5/2008Fuddruckers Summer Classic1$600.00* Winner in his first event as a Professional Golfer
737/14/2008Fountains OpenT12$78.75* Gift Certificate
666/25/2008Atlantis Classic1$600.00* Gift Certificate
696/23/2008Basic Golf Summer ShootoutT2$500.00* Gift Certificate
706/10/2008Florida Club ShootoutT9$156.25* Gift Certificate
726/9/2008Ocean Breeze ClassicT9$116.00* Gift Certificate
731/22/2008Madison Green OpenT11$206.25* Gift Certificate
741/14/2008PGA Estates OpenT24$75.00* Gift Certificate
731/10/2008Broward ClassicT12$90.60* Gift Certificate
671/8/2008Winter Classic1$750.00* Gift Certificate, $150 of $900 1st Place rewarded to 2nd
140 (69-71)1/22/2007January Little Buddy MajorT7$700.00* Gift Certificate
140 (67-73)1/10/2007Jan Hammock Creek Major3$750.00* Gift Certificate
738/25/2006The Club at Emerald Hills OpenT4$212.50* Gift Certificate
708/11/2006Hammock Creek ShootoutT3$212.50* Gift Certificate
767/28/2006Breakers Rees Jones Classic16$46.00* Gift Certificate
737/21/2006Madison Green ShootoutT5$168.75* Gift Certificate
737/10/2006Hammock Creek Open9$100.00* Gift Certificate
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