So what does Capstone Hospitality do?

It's Very Simple, They Sell Memberships for private golf and country clubs across the nation.

Why are they partnering with The Minor League Golf Tour?

Capstone Hospitality is a fast-growing company that offers rapid career advancement. The Founder and CEO Brian Friederichs is looking for golfers to join his team as they shift their focus from playing to earning, keeping them in the golf industry while taking advantage of the skills they developed to play golf competitively.

Brian is a former winner on the Minor League Golf Tour, and so is one of his top Sales Directors, Eddie Peckels. Capstone Hospitality's Regional Sales Director, Adam Murchison, is a former MLGT player as well.

They are currently seeking multiple Sales Directors who will be responsible for developing, implementing, and selling the membership programs at Capstone Hospitality's Clients' clubs nationwide.

This position requires a highly self-motivated individual who can work with minimal supervision to generate qualified leads and assist our various properties nationwide. They will also possess the ability to interact with current and potential clients at a sophisticated level. The Sales Director will help to develop, propose, implement, and execute strategies to attract new members. Nurturing relationships with existing and potential members in a manner that helps retain and grow the membership is a must.

They have clients across the nation so ability to relocate is a major plus!

Interested in learning more about joining the Capstone Team?

Contact Capstone Hospitality Regional Sales Director Adam Murchinson at 772-708-0533 or

"The Capstone Way" entails:

  • Working with ownership and management to identify membership and budgetary goals
  • Providing market research, surveys, demographic studies, pricing, and marketing strategies
  • Placing experienced and aggressive sales experts onsite to work with existing staff members to sell memberships
  • Implementing short and long term programs to generate leads and increase club interest
  • Marketing and selling Memberships without significantly discounting dues or initiation fees to maintain the integrity of the membership
  • NO upfront costs to the club
  • Exiting the club only after ALL goals have been met

Learn more about Capstone Hospitality by visiting their website


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