40% of the field earns a check. Event cancelled due to course flooding. Players will receive a full refund the same way they paid.

Event Details

Start: 7/23/2020
Rounds: 1

Players: 0
Entry: $185
Purse: $0

Event Photos

Atlantic National Golf Club
6400 Grand Lacuna Blvd
Lake Worth, FL  33467

(561) 969-6600

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount Total
*Andy Buege$0.00$0.00
*Matthew Ceravolo$0.00$0.00
*Kris Wilcoxon$0.00$0.00
*Willy Pumarol$0.00$0.00
*Diego Velasquez$0.00$0.00
*Jon Curran$0.00$0.00
*Jalen Ledger$0.00$0.00
*Austin Parker$0.00$0.00
*Carson Klawonn$0.00$0.00
*Joaquin Lolas$0.00$0.00
*Brant Peaper$0.00$0.00
*Bobby Sloan$0.00$0.00
*Florian Kolberg$0.00$0.00
*Blake Morris$0.00$0.00
*Anthony Russo$0.00$0.00
*Matt Lashinger$0.00$0.00
*Evan Grenus$0.00$0.00
*Bennett Buch$0.00$0.00
*Thomas Christensen (a)$0.00$0.00
*Chris Navarro$0.00$0.00
*Trey Wren$0.00$0.00
*Joseph Stills$0.00$0.00
*Austin Litchke$0.00$0.00
*Michael Maxwell (a)$0.00$0.00

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