Match Play Shootout

Optional Match Play Qualifier Shootout. You must be playing in the Match Play Event to participate. The entire $100 entry goes into the purse.

Event Details

Start: 11/9/2009
Rounds: 1

Players: 25
Entry: $100
Purse: $2500

Event Photos

63 - Steve Lebrun - $500

PGA National - Estates
7736 Bay Hill Drive
West Palm Beach, FL  33412

(561) 627-1614

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount
63Steve LeBrun1$500.00
68Justin PetersT2$387.50
68Yohann BensonT2$387.50
69Dustin Cone4$300.00
71Brian AndersonT5$192.50
71Brian LambertiT5$192.50
72Martin CataliotoT7$112.50
72Martin VikstromT7$112.50
73Zac OakleyT9$63.00
73Michael ConnorsT9$63.00
73Tim TurpenT9$63.00
73Daniel BalinT9$63.00
73Kyle MooreT9$63.00

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