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Minor League Golf is having SIX 2017 Q-School Contests! Contest #2 Starts March 20th

Why YOU Should Play The Minor League Golf Tour
Accelerated Experience   A Lower Cost Alternative   Preparation for Qualifiers
Our Mission is to provide an affordable, top level professional golf training ground for  players who aspire to play on the PGA,, Champions, and LPGA Tours.

It takes 3, 4, even 5 years for a very good player to determine if their game can elevate to handle world class competition.  By playing on The Minor League Golf Tour, you will be able to economically gain the experience you need.

Our fee structure, payout formula and event schedule is what makes our tour distinctive.  The tour was founded in 2004 to help all aspiring golfers take their best shot at playing professional golf on a major exempt status tour.
  The Minor League Golf Tour is a lower cost alternative to the developmental-mini tours like the NGA-Hooters, E-Golf, and Gateway Tours. 

The economics of professional golf are very harsh.  Almost every player without major tour status will need to be subsidized to continue chasing the dream.

We pay deep, not top heavy.  It makes sense that the major tours PGA,, European, LPGA, and Champions all pay top heavy.  The players earn and/or keep their status based upon the money list. 

A very small group of top players outside of these status based tours earn enough money playing golf to sustain their dreams on "developmental-mini tours".  While it is good for them, it takes hundreds of players to support them. Tour Qualifiers are like Minor League Golf Tour 1-Day events, you need to go low.  Of the approximately 21 annual Tour Events that you can qualify for, 15 are in the United States. 

Not only do our 1-Day events help you prepare for and PGA Tour qualifiers, they accelerate your development by allowing you to get in the hunt much more often than you would in multiple day events, helping you learn to handle the pressure of being in contention and seeing yourself on the leader board.

So if you are in the majority that keep on paying HUGE dollars for experience, stop wasting your money and come play with us.

The Road To Exempt PGA Tour Status

The 3 ways to get to the PGA TOUR

1. Earn enough money in Official PGA Tour events by Monday qualifying or by getting sponsor exemptions
While it is technically possible (Tiger did it), you pretty much have to have that much game and sponsor recognition.  So unless you're Ricky Fowler, it is truly unlikely.  BTW Ricky earned over $500,000 in 2009 via sponsor exemptions.

2. Earn Status via The Tour Regular Season (25)

25 PGA TOUR cards are awarded based on the final Tour money list.

3. Earn Status via The Tour Finals (25)
The final 4 events of the Tour season will determine 25 additional PGA TOUR cards, for a total of 50 to be awarded by the Tour each season.

Players eligible to compete in the Finals are the top-75 players on the Tour money list, those who finished 126-200 on the PGA TOURs FedExCup points list and non-members who have earned enough FedExCup points from their performance on TOUR to place them 126-200 on the official FedExCup points list.

The 50 players who earn their membership will be next in priority for PGA TOUR tournament fields following the top 125 from the previous seasons FedExCup Points List and other exempt eligibility categories.

Minor League Golf Alumni Tour Wins (9)

Brad Adamonis, Kevin Foley, Tom Gillis, Justin Hicks (2), Nathan Smith, Marc Turnesa, Jon Curran, Derek Fathauer

PGA Tour Wins (2)

Marc Turnesa, Brooks Koepka

LPGA Tour Wins (3)
Lexi Thompson Participants Tour Wins (44)

Pat Bates (5), Dick Mast (4), Guy Boros (3),  Craig Bowden (3), Tom Carter (3),  P.H. Horgan (3), Ryan Howison (3), Justin Hicks (2), Rick Price (2), Steve Wheatcroft (2), Brad Adamonis, Jon Curran, Eric Compton, James Driscoll, Ken Duke, Derek Fathauer, Bob Friend, Kevin Foley, Tom Gillis, Mathias Gronberg, Rob Oppenheim, Nathan Smith, Nicholas Thompson, Marc Turnesa

PGA Tour Wins (13)

Joey Sindelar (7), Len Mattice (2), Guy Boros, Marc Turnesa, Ken Duke, Brooks Koepka

Champions Tour Wins (2)
Fred Gibson, James Mason

LPGA Tour Wins (3)
Lexi Thompson

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Player Paperwork 
All players must have current tax and contact information on file to get paid.  There are 3 ways for you to do this:

1. Submit tax and contact info using our Secure Online Form
2. Print and fill out the Membership Application and appropriate tax form below.  Bring it with you or fax it to us at 586-722-2727
3. Fill out your forms onsite at an event.  We have blank forms

W-9 Form 
For Players with a SSN (Soc Sec No.) or Tax ID
W-8BEN Form  For Players without a SSN or Tax ID

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