2016 Minor League Golf Tour Tournament Results


The Minor League Golf Tour Plays 12 Months a Year with 100+ Playing Days

We play 46 Weeks with: 2 weeks off in the Summer from the end of June until after July 4th
2 weeks off from before Christmas until after New Years Day
Thanksgiving, Memorial & Labor Day weeks have 1 or 2 playing days

Date | Tournament

Venue | Winner

2/4/2016Martin Downs Osprey Creek
February Osprey Classic 64 - Dan McCarthy - $975
2/4/2016Martin Downs Osprey Creek
Training Division89 - Brian Cass (a) - $25 *Gift Certificate
2/1/2016TPC Eagle Trace
2016 Major I at TPC Eagle Trace67 - Brad Gehl - $4,000
Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune Up *Event cancelled due to weather
1/25/2016PGA National - Estates
PGA January 2-Day136 - Dan McCarthy (70-66) - $2,000
1/21/2016Fountains Country Club - South Course
Lake Worth Classic65 - Brian Fister - $960 *First win on MLGT
1/21/2016Fountains Country Club - South Course
Training Division84 - Ryan Miller/Gregory Esquilino (a) - $25 *Gift Certificate
1/20/2016Abacoa Golf Club
Abacoa January Open64 - Stephan Jaeger - $1,000 *Back to back wins
1/20/2016Abacoa Golf Club
Training Division80 - Will Whittaker (a) - $25 *Gift Certificate
1/18/2016PGA National - Estates
PGA Estates 2-Day137 - Stephan Jaeger (69-68) - $2,500 *First win on MLGT
1/14/2016Martin Downs Osprey Creek
Palm City Classic63 - Adam Svensson - $1,000 *First win on the MLGT
1/14/2016Martin Downs Osprey Creek
Training Division82 - Brad McFadden (a) - $25 *Gift Certificate
1/12/2016Fountains Country Club - North Course
Fountains Winter Shootout64 - Jeff Bronkema - $1,000
1/11/2016TPC Eagle Trace
TPC Winter Shootout67 - Nicholas Thompson - $900
1/7/2016Hammock Creek Golf Club
2016 Kickoff at Hammock Creek66 - Brandon Smith - $800
1/7/2016Hammock Creek Golf Club
Training Division86 - Noelle Maertz (a) - $25 *Gift Certificate
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