Matt Lowe

Farmingdale, NY
Status: Professional
Turned Professional: 
Membership: 7/27/2020
Minor League Tour Career Earnings: $6,609.61

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Best Minor League Golf Finishes (News Articles)

4/18/202261! Thomas Longbella sets the course record on the West course at Fountains Country Club
Amateur Matthew Yamin 2nd with 65 followed by Marcus Herndon in 3rd at 66
2/23/2021Ryan Linton birides the final hole to win by one over Willy Pumarol
Matt Harris alone in 3rd at 67 followed by a trio at 68
3/26/2019Matt Lowe birdies all three playoff holes to earn his 2nd win on the MLGT
Lowe tied Chase Koepka, Chris Wiatr and Brian Carlson in regulation at 67
12/17/2018David Germann & Matt Lowe win the 10th Annual Par-3 Team Trilogy in a playoff
Germann/Lowe, Page/Tway and Mazza/Hicks tied at 14-under par in regulation
9/24/2018Sunny Kim fires 65 at Hammock Creek to win for the 56th time
Matt Springer 2nd at 67 followed by Dominck Vennari in 3rd at 68
6/23/2015Wayne De Haas prevails in a 3 man playoff with a birdie on first extra hole
Matt Genchi and Marty Stanovich tied for 2nd followed by Austin Powell in 4th

Minor League Golf Results

Score Date Place
155 (81-74)1/21/2020
155 (81-74)1/21/2020
711/9/2020 T5
7212/17/2019 T9
142 (72-70)12/3/2019T29
141 (71-70)4/16/2019T21
134 (68-66)4/6/2019 T5
134 (68-66)4/6/2019
673/26/2019 1
214 (73-67-74)3/25/2019
143 (72-71)3/18/2019T8
143 (72-71)3/18/2019
703/11/2019 T15
146 (70-76)2/6/2019
136 (70-66)1/28/2019T10
6712/17/2018 1

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