Chase Koepka

West Palm Beach, FL
Status: Professional
Turned Professional: 2016
Membership: 6/1/2021
Minor League Tour Career Earnings: $71,622.55

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Best Minor League Golf Finishes (News Articles)

12/9/2020Chase Koepka wins the 2020 MLGT Tour Championship and $10,000 first place check
Two time Tour Champion Dan McCarthy finishes 2nd two shots behind Koepka
1/28/2020Chase Koepka fires 60-64 (124) to win 2020 Major I
Gavin Hall 2nd at 127 followed by James Nicholas in 3rd at 129
3/26/2019Matt Lowe birdies all three playoff holes to earn his 2nd win on the MLGT
Lowe tied Chase Koepka, Chris Wiatr and Brian Carlson in regulation at 67
1/30/2018Chase Koepka wins 2018 Major I in a playoff over Jamie Sindelar
Koepka and defending champion Jamie Sindelar tied in regulation at 9-under par 133
9/24/2017Chase Koepka's decision to skip Q-School pays off in spades
Chase won MLGT Q-School Contest #3 but decided to focus on Europe and give the spot to the next player
9/13/2017Chase Koepka forfeits his Q-School entry to focus on Europe
Chase decided not to got to Q-School this year and focus on the remaining Chalenge Tour events
4/21/2017Brooks and Chase Koepka set to team up in the PGA Tour's Zurich Classic
Brooks has won 4 times on the MLGT, Chase 9 times
4/20/2017Chase Koepka fires 67-65 to win by 3 at Atlantic National
Patricio Salem carded 66-69 for 7-under par 135 and solo 2nd
3/23/2017Chase Koepka wins 2017 Q-School Contest #2
Chase entered final round with a 3 shot lead and never looked back
3/21/2017Chase Koepka wins the 2017 Q-School Contest #2 Kickoff in a playoff
Koepka and Will Coleman lead the Q-School contest at the halway point at -5
12/8/2016Bryden Macpherson fires a 10-under par 61 to win by three!
Chase Koepka finished 2nd with a 7-under par 64
12/5/2016Chase Koepka fires a 5-under par 67 to win by 2 at PGA National
Denny McCarthy and Colin Neeman tie for 2nd at 69
11/7/2016Following in his Big Brothers Footsteps
Chase Koepka is trying to follow the path laid out by his brother Brooks
10/20/2016Chase Koepka fires 65-67 (132) to win 2016 Major III
Steve LeBrun finished one shot back with 65-68 (133)
7/28/2016Chase Koepka & Matthew Ceravolo win 2016 Summer Team Championship
Koepka/Ceravolo birdied 2nd playoff hole to beat O'Mahony/Cole and Hart/Cochran
7/21/2016Jimmy Lytle wins Q-School Contest #3 Finale in a 7 hole playoff
Chase Koepka wins the Q-School Contest by 3 shots at 11 under par
7/21/2016Chase Koepka wins 2016 Q-School Contest #3
Brandon Smith finishes 2nd three shots behind Koepka
7/19/2016Tim Cantwell comes from behind to win by 1 over Chase Koepka
Chase Koepka leads the Q-School contest by 2 over Brandon Smith at the halfway point
6/16/2016Chase Koepka wins playoff over Will Coleman and David Smith
The three players tied in regulation with 5-under par 67's
6/9/2016Chase Koepka shoots 64 to win in his professional debut
Jordan Elsen 2nd with 67 followed by Anthony Tocco in 3rd with 68

Minor League Golf Results

Score Date Place
716/1/2021 T8
140 (70-70)2/8/2021T6
139 (73-66)1/18/2021
132 (68-64)12/8/20201
140 (69-71)3/23/2020T10
211 (72-70-69)2/5/2020T7
124 (60-64)1/27/20201
7312/17/2019 T14
137 (66-71)9/11/2019T5
137 (71-66)8/21/2019 T6
138 (70-68)4/16/2019 T10
733/28/2019 7
673/26/2019 T2
212 (72-67-73)3/25/2019
723/25/2019 T12
703/12/2019 T2
712/25/2019 T9
207 (69-72-66)2/11/2019
137 (71-66)1/28/2019T13
151 (76-75)8/8/2018
133 (68-65)1/29/20181
132 (67-65)4/19/20171
137 (66-71)3/22/2017T4
137 (69-68)3/20/2017 1
274 (69-68-66-71)3/20/2017 1
140 (69-71)2/18/2017T5
139 (71-68)2/2/2017T22
136 (70-66)1/25/2017T4
691/19/2017 T7
6412/8/2016 2
6612/6/2016 4
6712/5/2016 1
140 (71-69)11/30/2016 T18
132 (65-67)10/19/20161
138 (69-69)7/20/20163
273 (67-68-69-69)7/18/20161
135 (67-68)7/18/2016 2
676/16/2016 1
706/14/2016 T6
646/9/2016 1

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